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December 2014


Dear Parents,

Please adhere to the following protocol if your child is injured or recuperating from medical procedures:

·       Contact  the school nurse as soon as possible after the injury or medical procedure to alert her to the issue.

·       Provide a doctor’s note describing the necessary accommodations to insure the safety and well- being of the student including but not limited to 

o   Restrictions on physical education, use of the elevator, early dismissal from classrooms, necessary assistance, etc.

o   Expected duration of the accommodations

o   Emergency contacts

Upon receipt of the information:

·       The school nurse will review the doctor’s orders and communicate the accommodations to the administration and the student’s guidance counselor. 

·       The student’s guidance counselor will meet with the student to gain familiarity with the necessary accommodations, communicate the modifications to the teachers directly involved, and review the various egress routes determined by the student’s schedule.   

·       If an elevator key is indicated, security will issue the key. 

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school nurse at extension 3139.