The Evaluations

All evaluations consist of a social history interview, an educational, psychological, and medical evaluations. As the evaluators begin to learn about the child, other evaluations may be recommended. These include, but are not limited to: Speech and Language; Occupational Therapy; Physical Therapy; Audiological; Augmentative Communication; Assistive Technology; etc. The test and the evaluation are matched to the child’s needs. All evaluations are provided at no cost to the family.
Each evaluator is required to write a report describing the evaluation tools and the child’s strengths and needs in that area. Many of the reports include a comparison of where the child is compared to his/her peers. Scores are reported in a number of ways-standard scores (SS), age equivalent (A.E.), and percentiles (%ile). Explanations are provided for the terms as they apply to the specific evaluation.

The evaluation sites provide the parent and the district with copies of the evaluations.