Extended School Year (ESY)

Students are eligible to receive extended school year services if there is documentation that the student will exhibit Substantial Regression if services do not continue throughout the summer. Part 200 of the Commissioner’s Regulations defines Substantial Regression as, "a student’s inability to maintain developmental levels due to a loss of skill or knowledge during the months of July and August of such severity as to require an inordinate period of review at the beginning of the school year to reestablish and maintain IEP goals and objectives mastered at the end of the previous school year."
It is necessary for clinicians and teachers to furnish a written statement to the CPSE at the time of Annual Review. All of the information is reviewed, and the CPSE determines a student’s eligibility for extended year services.
Students eligible for CPSE services, are not necessarily eligible for extended year services. If it is determined by the CPSE that the student requires ESY services, they may be delivered at home, camp, school, clinicians’ offices, or a combination. Services are provided for an additional six (6) weeks.